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Our Story

Smart Shared Farm 4.0 is based on a fully innovative concept of agriculture. Inspired by new ideas and supported by advanced technologies for agro-culture and product sharing,
The goal is to invest in a labour-depressed area of Sardinia, called Sulcis-Iglesiente, but suitable habitat to grow organic products and an awesome venue for an eco-friendly holiday.
Su Merti, that is the name of the place where we started the project, is the first Shared-Farm crowdfunded where its adopters can join from home any time and stage of the project, from planning to planting and to the final harvesting.

Here we are, Roberto and Andrea, two old friends working in the ordinary world and with a strong passion for agriculture. After many years of hard work in the gardens around at our summer houses in the south of the magnificent island of  Sardinia, Italy we realised that we wanted more. We were ready for new challenges.  

At the beginning of 2018 we identified quite a vast piece of land in the southwest of Sardinia, in the County of Iglesias, where we installed a big vegetable garden with the intention to grow fresh, organic food for our families in the summertime. 

Encouraged by our good results represented of several tons of products totally bio, and motivation, we thought we could scale up our efforts and expand our goals and invest our time and savings in a larger project.

The project 

We investigate a lot to understand which kind of organization and which cultivation it could be more suitable and interesting and how to manage a progressive enlargement of the project. 

We thought to create something new where people that love Nature and its products could be involved. So we create Smart Shared Farm 4.0 and see in the box its main contents. 

We decide to divide the investments in precise and well defined lots of land with associated the best cultivation for that soil and environment.

We called the minimal unit dimension Agro-Module equal to a one hectare of land on which we define the botanical and economical elements.  The Agro-Module must be a good soil, with irrigation water available and far from possible extended cultivation that can be not respectful of bio principles. 

We have defined that the type of cultivation to be installed on the Agro-Module that has to be respectful fo the local traditions, innovative for technology, a medium- long term life and with a good economical balance.

Actually we started with Olive trees aimed to the production of biological Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We have in mind other type of cultivations but we will afford them later.