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Getting bigger

The Smart Share Farm 4.0 2020 Project

 At the end of the 2019 we acquired a new and large land in the countryside of the village of Giba in the County of Carbonia, Sulcis, South West of Sardinia.  The location is amazing because it is near to a very large natural protected area along the beaches of Porto Botte facing the Palmas Gulf. There are three ponds called Stagno di Baiocco, di Porto Botte and Mulargia.  The area is populated by any kind of birds as Flamingos, herons and other big birds.

The property is very large (more than 6 Ha) and is perfect for any kind of mediterranean cultivation as Olive trees, grapevine and almonds.   Around the properties there are those cultivation and this a DOC place for the Carignano del Sulcis wine. 

We prepared the land with draining channels and fencing. Part of the area meanwhile is already used as pasture by an important number of sheep of local shepherds.  

We installed, as first, two agro-modules (so two hectars on six) of a traditional Sardinian specific cultivar (botanic type) of olive trees called Bosana.  We want to make a test of such autochthonous cultivar and we will install about 700 trees. In this case the trees have been obtained by a cutting of an existing plant grafted in the stem of wild olive tree. The result is a stronger tree due to the wild roots but with the upper part with the full genetics of the Bosana. In addition we plant also a small percentage of the cultivar Semidana in order to help the pollination of the Bosana even being 

The structure of the plantation it is completely different respect the other one planted in 2019.  The distance between the trees is 4,5×6 and we organised the plantation for a semi-mechanic harvesting to keep the cost low but keeping the human activity very important.  We are planting  two and half years old trees. 

The first crop is expected to be harvested in the third year (one fifth about of maximum possible production) and the full production is expected during the seventh.

We expect to gather the olive fruits for a full production of about 750 Liters per year one hectare (about 200 gallons).